Nature, Women and Gold


The concept of Women as a creative topic is very often explored by many artists who are intrigued by the softness of feminine expression and gestures, while the theme of the Nature is even infinite subject of investigation by the creative since the prehistorically times.

With the presented exhibition the four Bulgarian artists choose to delve into the depth of the subjects as nature, woman and gold and create a symbiosis image of Mother Nature and the ageless femininity framed with the nimbus of gold.

Vania Goshe finds inspirations in many aspects of the Maltese life. With her vivid palette and joyful colures she specially captures the brightness of the Mediterranean sun, while creating an instill sense of optimism.

Aglika Bochukova brings to the viewer the enigmatic scene of wonderland in a famine way with her floating decorative flowers in various nuance of the turquoise tonality.

Elena Toncheva captures expressively the beauty of the Nature leading the observer to a place of frozen peace or fiery redsunset. Textures and colors of natural formations / rocks and minerals/ are used as a starting point to another interesting abstract journey.

Daniela Guevska is entangled back into the ancient Byzantine style and femininity. She portraits contemporary female images while straightening the massage with the use of golden leaves on canvas to convey the feeling of the eternal woman.

 The exhibition ‘Nature, women and gold’’ presents four different angels of a common dialog between the viewer and each personal artistic interpretation of the reality of the four artists.

Forthcoming events at Palazzo de Piro

Nature, Women and Gold in April at Palazzo de Piro

6-30 April 2017

A collective art exhibition by Aglika Bochukova, Vania Goshe, Daniela Guevska and Elena Toncheva

Annabel Zammit's Exhibtion taking place throughout the Month of May

May 2017

Annabel is the founder of BEL Designs which is my Design Studio and Creative Arts Blog. I aim at creating and communicating ideas & visual concepts that inspire and captivate others.

Palazzo de Piro Mother’s Day Buffet Lunch Menu 2017

Sunday, May 10, 2017

Join us in celebrating Mother's Day at Palazzo de Piro this May 8th with a lavish buffet lunch at Palazzo de Piro

Joe Ginsberg Exhibiting throughout the month of June

June 2017

A native New Yorker, Ginsberg has a multi-faceted background that transcends the boundaries of artistic disciplines, just as his canvases transcend the boundaries between art and nature.

The Hardvard Krokodiloes at Palazzo de Piro

20 July 2017, 20:00-23:00

In collaboration with the US Embassy to Malta.

From Cambridge to Cape Town to Carnegie Hall, the Harvard Krokodiloes have delighted audiences worldwide with their unique blend of acappella harmony and humor. Founded back in 1946 at the historic Hasty Pudding Club, the Krokodiloes are Harvard University’s oldest and finest a cappella singing...

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